Friday, October 19, 2012

A Week With Elmo

This was our first real family vacation! My son, Patrick and I had gone on a cruise to visit my husband while he was working on the ship, but that trip was more like visiting relatives compared to a do nothing all day vacation! Or what I thought was going to be a do nothing but relax all day vacation!

I had always wanted to go to a Beaches resort, and the time had finally come! Much like Disney World, you're never too old to spend a week with the characters from Sesame Street!! Though I was confident that I would have an amazing time, I wasn't 100% sure that Patrick, 15 months at the time, would be as keen on having several 6 feet tall furry monsters around.

Once we arrived at the Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica, Patrick's face lit up, his eyes just didn't know where to look first!! I was just looking forward to laying on a chair by the pool and taking in some much needed R&R. After getting settled in our room overlooking the ocean and unpacking our clothes, we headed to the beach! Patrick enjoyed running through the sand, even tasting it when he thought I wasn't looking. The beach was clean, private, and had lots of activities going on for all ages!!

Sesame Street Evening Show
Our first evening there, we finished up dinner and headed to the main stage for the nightly entertainment. The music started and out came Elmo! If Patrick was going to freak out, it was going to be now... And as I expected the worst, practically giving up my seat, Patrick went running for the stage! He stood front and center watching and dancing the entire show. He gave Elmo, Ernie and Bert a hug, while always keeping one eye on that Cookie Monster! Throughout the week, he eventually came around to Cookie Monster, especially after baking cookies with him!!

We spent our days going to Tea Parties with Abby Cadabby, A Birthday Party for Zoe, and Rock & Roll Dance Parties with Elmo & Cookie Monster. We attended the Character Breakfast, and dance classes ... The entertainment staff was amazing!! Actually the entire staff at Beaches Boscobel were incredible. Every employee loves having the kids around ... every Beaches employee was great with kids, no matter what age!

Between the massive pool, the water park, and the ocean, we swam for countless hours! When Patrick got tired, he slept under an umbrella by the pool, giving me some time to relax and read a magazine ... I think I read the whole of one out of the 5 magazine's I brought. With so many activities going on, Patrick didn't want to miss anything, so he kept his naps short to maximize his time in the pool, and with his new friends at Sesame Street!!! We even went on a glass bottom boat ride to see the fish and coral nearby!

Every evening we attended the Sesame Street show which often followed by a theme nights which included local entertainment from the Ocho Rios area!

Towards the end of our vacation, we signed up for a tour to Dolphin Cove... I held Patrick while he gave kisses to a dolphin and waved hello to it ... again, my little man showed no fear what so ever! While at Dolphin Cove, we got in the water and touched a Sting Ray, watched a shark show, and bought ourselves a Rasta Hat with fake dreadlocks ... before heading back to the resort, we ate some Jerk Chicken and Patrick slept for the bus ride back to the resort.

Getting Ready for bed with Elmo!
As much as we dreaded it, our first family vacation was coming to an end ... We had packed most of our bags, and enjoyed our last evening ... Patrick was all ready for bed, when there knocking at our door was Elmo!! Patrick ran over to greet him, screaming with joy! Elmo and his babysitter Lola brought Patrick a gift, read him a good night story, tucked him into bed, then kissed him goodnight!! With all this excitement ... Patrick didn't want to be in bed ... he jumped up on Elmo and gave him a big hug! It was time for Elmo to go, so he waved goodbye and he was off!!

After packing a few more last minute items, Patrick had finally decided to call it a night, and I was able to finally take some time to relax and reflect on the past week. What I thought was going to be a trip full of laying by the pool/beach and doing absolutely nothing, turned into a vacation of being on the go and doing as much as humanly possible during the day ... Did I enjoy every minute of it? No ... I absolutely enjoyed every second of it!!!  I wouldn't have changed a thing!!!!

Early the next morning we were up and off to the airport ... The entertainment staff knew Patrick by name ... they gave him a high five and wished to see him again soon ...

Just about to leave for the airport to head home.
To the staff at Beaches, we will definitely be back again soon, you made our vacation one that I will never forget!!!

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